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Some of the Ways We Can Help You Achieve Healing and Optimal Well-Being

Dana delivers a wide range of treatment solutions including such highly effective therapies as acupuncture, manual manipulation, therapeutic massage, Feldenkrais, and Pilates.


We are honored to have been selected as one of Cincinnati's BEST Acupuncturists.

Almost 80 local service providers were reviewed by an independent team. They determined Movement Solutions offered some of the best care, services, and results in the area.


Acupuncture has been rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for over 2500 years. It is an effective treatment, not only for pain and discomfort but also a variety of common ailments. TCM describes acupuncture as balancing the flow of energy through pathways (meridians) in the body. During treatment, very thin needles are inserted into specific points along these meridians to balance energy flow and support your natural healing processes.

Movement Solutions utilizes AcuGraph acupuncture technology during your initial assessment to help customize and refine treatment plans.


Your initial acupuncture visit will take 75-90 minutes. It includes a complete assessment of your current condition plus a discussion of your desired outcomes. It also includes a personalized AcuGraph session. [$125] 


Additional acupuncture services vary and will be determined based on your needs. [Continued care visits $90]

​Manual Therapies & Therapeutic Massage


Manual therapy can also be described as manipulative therapy, as it includes the skilled passive movement of joints and soft tissue. This can be achieved through manipulations, mobilization and/or massage.


30 minute session [$65]

60 minute session [$110]


Therapeutic massage focuses on releasing or correcting a physical ailment that usually causes pain or dysfunction. This process increases circulation and movement throughout the body. 


30 minute session [$65]

60 minute session [$110] 


Pilates is an exercise technique that improves strength, flexibility, and posture, and can enhance mental awareness. Exercise programs are customized to be beneficial to people of all ages and abilities. Pilates sessions focus on building core muscle strength through use of custom equipment such as the Reformer as well as mat exercises. Exercises are low-impact and emphasize the quality of movements versus quantity. 


30 minute private Pilates session [$55]

60 minute private Pilates session [$90]


The Feldenkrais method evaluates the movement and efficiency of the body in order to make subtle modifications that improve a person’s overall function and mobility. These subtle changes are meant to re-educate the body into performing at its maximum potential.

60 minute Feldenkrais session [$110]

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